my Website role concept

Each professional website is built and administrated by roles and tasks, fixed in a Website role concept.

governanceTo proof and control all other website rolesPAT
architectureDevelop website conceptual architecture based on WP entity typesPAT
text managementFormulate texts, headlines and picture subtitles in WP entitiesAAT
Content management1) Import external text-, photo- and voice files in WP Mediathek 2) Minimise too large photo files by a tool in smaller photo sizes 3) Save website content in generations in the cloud or external storage devicesAAT
quality controlCheck Website content in reader mode by spot checksAAT
StatisticsAnalysis of Website traffic and visitorsAAT
Software EngineeringSoftware licence management and keep support lines to: Website name service, Website SSL service, Data Hosting service, Website traffic analytic serviceCB CONSULTING with external providers, Matomo Analytics, Host Europe (Köln)

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