Junck, Katharina Margareta – curriculum vitae

Katharina Margareta Junck married Metzroth, image source: private, click to enlarge the image

Parents Johann Junck & Therese Both

Katharina Margareta Junck was born on January 19, 1898 in Trechtingshausen as the daughter of the since November 8, 1893 married couple Johann Junck (nickname Droht-Hennes) *September 2, 1869 and +May 2, 1948, both in Trechtingshausen, profession shipman, and Therese Both married Junck *April 2, 1873 and +October 31, 1944, both in Trechtingshausen.

Johann Junck and Therese Both at wedding 1893, parents of Katharina Junck. Source: family archive Richard Platz. click to enlarge the image


The siblings of Katharina Junck were her sisters Elisabeth Junck *1894, Christine Junck *1906 and her brother Bruder Karl Junck *1911, all noticed within a Sippschaftstafel Metzroth & Junck, partly with their spouses (married partner) and their children.


Source: „Household book and family chronicle“ by Clemens Metzroth and Katharina Margareta Junck married. Metzroth“ analogous to the Imperial Law of February 6th, 1875.

Read document (15 pages) …. Household book and family chronicle

Source: Family archive

Grandparents Christian Junck & Elisabeth Kloos, Simon Both & Therese Coblenz

Her paternal grandparents (parents Johann Junck) were Christian Junck *31.01.1838 +24.06.1917 and Elisabeth Kloos married Junck *09/18/1842 +04/17/1919.

Her maternal grandparents (parents Therese Both married Junck) were Simon Both 24.03.1845 +2209.1911 and Therese Coblenz married Both widowed Walldorf * August 28, 1833 in Weiler near Bingen am Rhein + May 22, 1910.

Great-grandparents Junck & Vogt and Kloos & Kramer and Both & Wolff and Coblenz & Massing

Her paternal great-grandparents were (parents Christian Junck) Jakob Junck *08/15/1793 in Trechtingshausen, +01/13/1866, married in 2nd marriage with Katharina Vogt married Junck *11/19/1808 in Niederheimbach, +11/20/1841,

and (parents Elisabeth Kloos married Junck) Jakob Kloos *09.10.1813 in Trechtingshausen, +14.06.1878 & Catharina Krämer married Kloos *December 26, 1820 in Oberheimbach, +April 16, 1893

Her maternal great-grandparents (parents Simon Both) were Nikolaus Both *03/01/1809 in Massburg, +05/27/1846 married to A.-Gertrud Wolff married Both *01/16/1814 in Kaisersesch, +11/10/1878,

and (parents Therese Coblenz married Both widowed Walldorf) first name? Coblenz *07/06/1803 in Weiler near Bingen am Rhein +02/20/1869 & Anna?-Maria Massing *09/01/1801 in Weiler near Bingen am Rhein, +02/03/187?

read more >>> “ 3 generations of ancestors Katharina Junck married. Metzroth„. The graphic text shows parents, grandparents and great-grandparents of all 3 previously known ancestor generations, collected from the registry office documents by the village chronicler Valentin Reuschel+.

3 generations of ancestors Katharina Junck married Metzroth , data source: Valentin Reuschel+, image source: private, click to enlarge the image


Katharina got married on November 26th, 1920 and on November 27th, 1920 in the parish church “St. Clemens“ in Trechtingshausen Clemens Metzroth *02.02.1891 +30.08.1978, both in Trechtingshausen.

The witnesses were, according to Pastor Maas, Catholic Pastor of Trechtingshausen, Matthias Walldorf and Johann Junck III.

Children Herrmann and Christine

They had two children:
Herrmann Clemens Metzroth *15.08.1921 according to the Niederheimbach registry office, St. Goar district, baptized Catholic on 08.21.1921 according to Pastor Maas, Trechtingshausen rectory with godfather Herrmann Dupont, Bingen-Gaulsheim and

Christine Therese and Hermann Metzroth 1930. Click on image to enlarge

Christine Therese Metzroth *April 15, 1928 according to the Niederheimbach registry office, district of St. Goar, baptized Catholic on April 22, 1928 according to Pastor Maas, Trechtingshausen parish office married to godmother Christine Junck married PLatz from Trechtingshausen. (mother of Willibald, Richard and Helmut Platz, all Trechtingshausen)


They lived at Unterstraße 164 (today: Römerstraße 35) – after the market square, 2 houses in front of the former restaurant “Zur Traube” – and in 1962 they moved into the newly built house at Koblenzer Straße 109c (today: Mainzer Straße 70) to live with their daughter Christine ( Christel) Theresia Metzroth, married since 1948 Tabarelli.


Her son Herrmann Clemens Metzroth and wife Helga Blass married. Metzroth, whose center of life was in Wuppertal-Barmen, gave Katharina and Clemens the grandchildren Helmut Metzroth *1948, Ranghild Metzroth and Petra Metzroth.

Married by her daughter Christine Theresia (Christel) Metzroth married Tabarelli and Nikolaus (Klaus) Tabarelli have the other grandsons Alfred Adam Tabarelli *1949 and Lothar Heinrich Tabarelli *1957, both born at Trechtingshausen.

KV Narrebrunne 1949 eV

Catherine Junck, married Metzroth was founded in January 1971 as a founding member of the carnival association Narrebrunne 1949 e. V. Trechtingshausen honored.

Catherine Junck, married Metzroth (in the middle of the photo collage with wine goblet and session order). Image source: Allgemeine Zeitung Bingen 01/26/1971, page 11. Click on image to enlarge

Top row from left: Hans Malarek, Wolfgang Junck, Willibald Platz, Junck (Beppich), NN?, Karl-Josef Metzroth (Detsch). Middle row: Alwine Rick married. Schreiber, Richard Platz, Katharina Junck married Metzroth , Jürgen Ohlig. Bottom row Inge Platz?, Klaus-Ernst Kloos, N? Diel, N? Peltzer, NN?

More stations in life…

… will be added and illustrated here.


Katharina died at the age of 72 on October 24, 1971 in the Heilig-Geist-hospital in Bingen.